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Sunday, May 22, 2011

ফটোশপ এর সাহায়্যে পলিশ উড টেক্সট ইফেক্ট তৈরী

ফটোশপ এর সাহায়্যে পলিশ উড টেক্সট ইফেক্ট তৈরী করার জন্য প্রথমে নিম্নের লিংক থেকে সোর্স ফাইল দুটি নামিয়ে নিন।
কালার পেলেট সোর্স ফাইল
আমাদের চুড়ান্ত কাজটি হবে নিম্নরূপ:

এখন নিম্ন লিখিত ধাপ গুলি অনুসরন করে কাজটি সম্পন্ন করুন:

Monday, April 25, 2011

How do I Make my Computer run faster for free

There may be two reasons why your PC is running slow.
1. You havn’t cleant up your PC for a long time.
2. You have got a virus or spyware on your PC.
I suggest you to run a virus test firstly with your virus scanner:(if you don’t have virus killer, you may try Avast OrKaspersky:
1. Firstly, update your virus scanner database
2. Then run the scanner and check whether you have virus on your PC.
When you find viruses, Kill them!
3.Then Restart your Computer.

Keep Your Computer Safe and Healthy with these 12 Amazing Tips

In today’s life, we cannot discard the truth that we are really dependent on the things that our gadgets and computer systems can offer us. But even these extraordinary equipments that made our lives easier have their own drawbacks and limitations. I do not feel that you would wish that your computer system should cost you high expenses in a very short amount of time. So I have explained some helpful and useful tips that can keep your computer systems healthy and in ideal running condition for a very long time.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Tools Menu

6 Tools menu Gi KvR
6.1 Spelling and grammar - evbvb  ï× Kiv
wbw`©ó †m‡j Kvm©i †i‡L A_ev cÖ‡qvRbxq †mj e­K K‡i Tools menu †_‡K Spelling and grammar KgvÛ w`‡q WvqvjM e‡·i wbqgvbyhvqx wb‡b¥i KgvÛ w`b
6.1a Ignore D‡c¶v Kiv
6.1b Ignore All me kã D‡c¶v Kiv
6.1c Add wWKkbvix‡Z kã ms‡hvRb Kiv
6.1d Change cwieZ©b Kiv
6.1e Change All me kã cwieZ©b Kiv